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Excel 2013 DataInsights AddIn Sample

Excel Addin Sample for faster self -service BI with Excel 2013, PowerPivot & PowerView
Just select an Excel table, Explore data in Data Insights ribbon
- a new PowerPivot/PowerView model will be available to further explore your data and gather some new data insights.

More Information at:

PowerShell BI Samples - Data Driven Mail Reports

For more details refer to:

Quick, Agile, Data driven, dynamic, mail reports from your queries. Just produce a DataTable anywhere with powerShell (useful Invoke-OLEDBCommand cmdlet also in the sample)

Then send it quickly by mail, no UI binding needed, no reports, your data is the report. Note that table formatting is a little tuned beyond the PowerShell default html tables. You can highlight, there’s also a more data friendly handling of numeric values and some others.

PowerShell BI Samples -Dynamic/runtime Outlier dataset detection & reporting with SSAS mining models

For more details refer to:

Sample PowerShell outliers script:
-iterate all the views in a predefined schema (love this pattern for dba/bi monitoring)
-execute & get the datasets, we used SQL server but you can use any datatable
-pass the datatables to the data mining module (it will, like the excel data mining addin, create a temporary model dynamically for each table, do the outlier stuff, some nasty hacks of our own, get an outlier probability value for each row
-then filtering (in this scenario) for today outliers, using a convention styled approach – choosing the first date column available (btw-a better approach would be save the last execution time for each view and use that date value as a date filter)
-if there are outliers, send the report by mail (using the cmdlets I talked about in my last post)
-if not, keep quiet!

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